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CMH EMS & MIH Protocols


Change Log:

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Description of change
06/01/12pdfNew document from scratch. Previous protocols were mostly a copy of St. Johns EMS protocols. This version relied heavily on that document from St. Johns. Version 1 approved by Roger Merk, MD.
02/10/14Removed QR codes and re-released as version 3.
12/12/14Changed Pre-Hospital Services to Emergency Medical Services`
12/12/14Added definition of pediatric. Added DELIBERATE ACTIONS.
03/30/15Added statement about EMR, EMT, and medic and the adoption of these protocols by first responder agencies.
04/07/15Changed several headings from Protocol to Section to indicate they are informational and not to be used in documentation as the protocol used to treat the patient.
05/08/15Created Section 0-100 - Hard-Copy Protocol Maintenance Agreement to clarify expectations of those with hard-copies issued to them.
11/17/15Added EMH (Ellett Memorial Hospital) to each location where CMH (Citizens Memorial Hospital) is mentioned.
12/28/15Added RN wherever Paramedic was listed to facilitate RNs working in the paramedic role on an ambulance.
07/22/16Added levels for AEMT to all protocols. AEMT scope of practice includes:
  • IV access and fluid administration of NS and LR.
  • SL Nitroglycerin for chest discomfort.
  • IM Epi for anaphylaxis.
  • IM Glucagon for hypoglycemia.
  • IV Dextrose for hypoglycemia.
  • Nebulized brochodilators for asthma.
  • IM and IN Narcan for narcotic overdose.
07/24/16Removed all QR codes on each section and links to research articles. Replaced with one link and QR code at the front of the document to reduce broken link issues we’ve had in the past.
08/24/17pdfRemoved Section 0-100 - Hard-Copy Protocol Maintenance Agreement
08/28/17Removed all pictures that were decorative instead of informative to make file size smaller.
09/20/17Added references to applicable NEMSIS protocol numbers. Aligned this document to new NASEMSO National Clinical Guideance Document published 9/15/17.
11/11/17Added consider to a large number of protocol entries to allow critical thinking without being held to sometimes unrealistic mandatory requirements. Added links within document to allow quick reference in an electronic format.
08/24/18Added Creative Commons log at the bottom of each page. Added link at the top of each page for the link back to the table of contents.
03/28/20Removed Front Matter 0-040 - Index.
03/31/20Migrated entire protocol book to online format. Due to ESO softwarethe inability to modify protocol names in that program, protocols were re-organized to match those names (which also mostly align with NEMSIS). Refer to the table below for cross-reference of old vs. new protocol numbersnames. Also, in an effort to reduce the possibility of errorsredundancy, a new policy section was added to be a mirror image of CMH PolicyStat. This document will be the masterPolicyStat will be updated accordingly... eventually.
06/05/21pdfMoved to

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