Part 2-000 - Emergency Protocols

CMH EMS & MIH Protocols


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
03/30/15Added sections for EMR and changed BLS/ALS to EMT/Paramedic.
03/31/15Added QR codes and links to research articles.
03/31/15Added QR codes and links to research articles.
04/14/15Changed < to less than, > to greater than, and MFR to EMR throughout document to reduce confusion and align with national terminology.
03/01/19Changed target SBP from 8090 to 100 due to version 9 PHTLS guidelines. APPROVED BY DR. CARTER ON 4/5/19.
04/05/19Changed all fluid bolus from NS to LR except crush injry. APPROVED BY DR. CARTER 4/5/19.
07/23/19Removed NEMSIS standardized protocol references. Changed all references to glucose as a measurement (not medication) to blood sugar.
02/18/21pdfChanged 2-880-01 to 2-880-24.
02/18/21Change 2-880-02 to 2-880-72.
02/18/21Added placeholder for 2-880-48 - STROKE EMS Information Form
06/06/21pdfMoved to
10/14/21pdfRenumbered 2-044-01 airway equipment to 2-044-66. Added 2-044-33 checklist.
10/14/21Changed 2-176-01 to 2-176-50 rule of nines.
10/14/21Changed 2-198-01 to 2-198-50 periarrest.
10/14/21Changed 2-220-01 to 2-220-50 stemi destination
11/05/21pdfChanged 2-924-03 to 2-451-50 trauma destination matrix
11/29/21Clarified these are the EMERGENCY protocols to differentiate from the MIH protocols.
03/15/23pdfRemoved link to 2-264 Diving Emergencies because that protocol is still not developed.
04/28/23pdfAdded link for new protocol: 2-077 Altered Mental Status.

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