Medication 7-330 - Ketamine (Ketalar)

Polk, Hickory, Cedar, & St Clair EMS Protocols

Scope of Practice:


Pharmacodynamics (class and mechanism of action):





Pregnancy Risk Factor:

Potential Incompatibilities:

Precautions and Adverse Effects:


Controlled Substance Information:


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
12/29/14pdfAdded DEA and street info.
08/06/15pdfRemoved pediatric dosages. Added analgesic vs. dissociative doses. Reduced dissociative dosages. Added comment to half the dose if age over 65 yr.
06/10/16pdfAdded dosing chart created by Brice Flynn.
08/24/17pdfFixed calculation errors in the quick reference sheet.
11/29/17pdfUpdated quick reference chart.
08/24/18pdfAdded comment about slow push to avoid apnea.
05/11/20pdfAdded content (without substantive modification) from old Protocol 7-330 - Ketamine.
06/11/21pdfMoved to
11/05/21pdfSpecified the analgesic dose of Ketamine MUST be based on ideal body weight, not actual body weight. This is per Dr. Nicholes request on multiple occasion. Brought to protocol committee on 5/26/21 who requested confirmation from Dr. Nicholes who then confirmed again on 6/8/21.

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