Appendix 9-010 - References

Polk, Hickory, Cedar, & St Clair EMS Protocols


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03/30/20pdfAdded content from 9-010 - References.
01/19/21pdfAdded references cited in 2020 AHA updates and interview with Dr. Nicholes.
02/18/21pdfAdded American Stroke Association
03/24/21Added more stroke resources.
06/15/21pdfMoved to
10/14/21pdfAdded Flynn RSI checklist
10/14/21Added ACLS and Scott entries from atropine research.
10/15/21Added CMH policy stat order set for sepsis.
02/25/22pdfAdded reference for Sibley (intranasal glucagon).
02/25/22Added Sukovaty for targeted temperature management.
10/05/22pdfAdded reference to Mathew, Kumar, Sahu, Wali, Aggarwal.

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