Medication 7-669 - Oxygen

Polk, Hickory, Cedar, & St Clair EMS Protocols

Scope of Practice:


Pharmacodynamics (class and mechanism of action):





Pregnancy Risk Factor:

Potential Incompatibilities:

Precautions and Adverse Effects:


Controlled Substance Information:


Change Log:

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Description of change
10/09/13Modification to most documents to include Oxygen titration based on Mercy Life Line protocols.
10/09/13pdfMajor modification to include titration based on Mercy Life Line protocols.
12/20/13Added EMT scope of practice statement.
01/29/14Coordinated with CMH policies.
02/22/14pdfAdded unresponsive ROSC dosage and cleaned graphic of SpO2 titration rates.
05/16/20pdfAdded content (without substantive modification) from old Protocol 7-460 - Oxygen.
02/22/21pdfSimplified dosing chart and made corrections according to AHA 2020 update.
06/11/21pdfMoved to
02/28/22pdfChanged number from 7-460 to 7-669. Also changed all the links in all protocols to new number.

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