Protocol 2-792 - Seizure

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NEMSIS Protocol: 9914141 - Medical-Seizure


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
11/11/13pdfAdded ensure open Airway to BLS. Moved IM Versed to bottom of options.
12/12/14pdfRemoved Blood Draw.
08/06/15pdfAdded reference to Protocol 4-110 - Hypertension protocol for the hypertensive, pregnant, seizing patient.
08/24/17pdfRemoved Ativan. Added Mag Sulfate dosage from hypertension seizing protocol. Added Versed for continued sedation of RSI.
09/22/17Lowered glucose treatment threshold from 70 to 60. Removed Valium. Added pregnant hypertension range 20-weeks gestation through 4-weeks post-partum. Simplified pediatric dosages of Versed.
08/24/18pdfRemoved requirement to contact medical control for higher doses of Versed. Added IM option for Versed to 2 mo - 12 yr old.
07/23/19pdfFixed some confusion with pediatric age ranges for Versed doses.
11/18/19pdfAdded comment to bypass CMH if on CT divert by specific order of Dr. Cauchi.
04/17/20pdfAdded content (without substantive modification) from old Protocol 4-170 - Seizures.
06/06/21pdfMoved to
10/15/21pdfAdded list of causes in EMR section. Specified mixing Mag Sulfate with NS. Changes approved by protocol committee on 5/26/21. Mag Sulfate in NS approved by Dr. Nicholes 12/8/20.
12/01/21Updated links to Versed.

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