Protocol 2-154 - Bradycardia

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NEMSIS Protocol: 9914115 - Medical-Bradycardia


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
10/04/13pdfAdded rates to BLS Combo Pads. Added unstable to Pacing. Added stable to Atropine.
12/12/14pdfAdded contact medical control for Pacing Hypothermia patient. Added weight-based Fentanyl dose for greater than 65 yr.
12/15/14Added do not delay for IV.
11/17/15pdfReduced adult heart rate treatment threshold from 60 to 50.
08/24/17pdfRemoved Ativan.
09/20/17Added option for Epi drip before Dopamine. Modified pediatric Versed dosages.
11/11/17pdfReplaced Versed and Fentanyl with reference to Protocol 6-050 - Control of Pain for pre-cardioversion.
07/23/19pdfFixed the math for Epi drip.
04/04/20pdfAdded content (without substantive modification) from old Protocol 2-040 - Bradycardia.
02/19/21pdfAHA 2020 updates to this protocol include all Atropine doses are now 1 mg repeat q 3-5 min and removed medical control for epi drip.
06/06/21pdfMoved to
10/14/21No change, just noting the express approval from Dr. Nicholes on 6/8/21 of the previous change in atropine dose.
11/30/21Updated link for Albuterol.
02/28/22Updated link for Sodium Bicarb.

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