Part 7-000 - Medications

Polk, Hickory, Cedar, & St Clair EMS Protocols


Change Log:

DateLink to
Description of change
10/07/13Added images of typical medication (vials).
02/24/14Added half-life of most medications.
12/29/14Removed call for orders from all titles.
11/17/15Added Section 7-005 - Medications that prolong QT interval.
11/24/15Added levomepromazine, Nosinan, Nozinan, Levoprome, delamanid, Deltyba, and papaverine to Section 7-005 - Medications that prolong QT interval
12/22/15pdfAdded Oxaliplatin, Eloxatin, Asenapine, Saphris, Sycrest, Hydrocodone, Hysingla, and Zohydro to list that prolong QT.
02/21/16pdfAdded new drugs according to updated list that prolong QT.
05/16/16Added new drugs according to updated list that prolong QT.
06/14/16Added new drugs according to updated list that prolong QT.
07/24/16Clarified scope of practice in each medication protocol.
08/24/17pdfRemoved Section 7-005 - Medications that prolong QT interval.
08/24/17pdfRemoved Section 7-130 - Compazine
08/24/17pdfRemoved Section 7-135 - Cyanokit
08/24/17pdfRemoved Section 7-525 - Romazicon
08/24/18Added sections back in on common EMS or ER medications for reference only (Decadron, Dilaudid, Ipratropium, Lasix, Procainamide, Propofol, Reglan, Succinylcholine, Valium, Vecuronium). Also made major changes to the layout of each page to add much more information. Removed dosing information to eliminate confusion between these sections and the actual protocols where doses should be found.
03/31/20Removed all specific mentions of the different concentrations of Epinephrine (i.e. 1:1,000, 1:10,000, 1:100,000).
06/07/21pdfMoved to
10/16/21Fixed a typo on every... single... medication... page. Changed preganancy to pregnancy.
11/29/21pdfAdded placeholders for MIH medications. Also had to renumber entire list due to not having enough space between existing medications to add new ones alphabetically.
11/30/21Changed numbers for Acetaminophen through Aspirin to accommodate more meds in the list.
12/01/21Updated links to Vecuronium through Zofran.
12/01/21Updated links for TXA and Valium.

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